A FOODBANK boss will vye to become an MP at the next general election. seat as the MP for Harwich at the next general election.

The Liberal Democrats selected Brightlingsea town councillor Mike Beckett to run for the parliamentary seat of Harwich and North Essex.

Mr Beckett leads Colchester Foodbank along with branches in Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe, Greenstead and North Hill and the Langham storage warehouse.

Mr Beckett, who lives in Brightlingsea with his wife Caroline, a vicar, and their two children, has been a town councillor since May.

He said: “I believe in the people of this region. We, as a family, are part of the community. It’s our home.

“My charity and community work has taken me all across the area, working with several hundred organisations.

“Everywhere I go here, I meet extraordinary people doing great things for others.”

His working history includes Citizens Advice Bureau manager, nursing assistant, NHS governor, a CEO for mental health charity Mind, school governor and worker on a community eco gardening project.

The same drive for fairness that powers him in the charity sector has lead him into politics.

Mike said: “I have seen the impact of political decisions on all levels of society and it’s time others like me stopped leaving things to career politicians and chose to stand up and create the change we want to see.

“We have to abandon party-first politics that threatens jobs, education, welfare, social cohesion and our economy and begin to build co-operation and a people-first politics to get a better deal for people and families.”

Mike wants to bring more power back to Harwich and North Essex from Westminster.

He said: “I believe no-one should miss out on education, employment and access to healthcare. We need to build a better, fairer, greener future.”

In the local elections last May, the Lib Dems overtook Labour by more than a thousand votes, coming second to the Conservatives.

The party also achieved growing support in the European elections.

Speaking about the country’s relationship with Europe, he said: “While my ideal is to remain in the EU, I am also a pragmatist, wanting to get the best deal for local people.

“My focus is on making things work, so if Brexit happens then we need well-thought through, sensible plans to safeguard the jobs and welfare of the people.”

Sir Bernard Jenkin, current MP for Harwich, said: “The biggest issue is Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit.

“I’m happy to let the voters decide who deserves the seat, but I know members of my constituency want Brexit to happen.”