ESSEX County Council has pledged to improve and increase the number of bridleways for horse lovers.

Kevin Bentley, the county councillor responsible for infrastructure, said he has recognised the importance of providing safe and suitable bridleways not only for pedestrians and cyclists but for horse enthusiasts.

Essex Highways staff are working with the Essex Bridleways Association and the British Horse Society to ensure bridleway improvements and considerations for new bridleways are included in planning developments.

Mr Bentley said: “I want to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the outdoors and by creating bridleways in the right location, to a high standard, we open up the countryside to so many more people.”

Essex County Council will guide planners and developers and will continue to support both the Essex Bridleway Association (EBA) and the British Horse Society (BHS) to complete the strategic bridleway plan.

This will provide information guiding officers’ decisions when considering bridleways in planning conditions.