A DOG lover turned up at his mother's home with his pets after making a series of chilling threats saying he was going to kill her.

Scott Jones was initially making a cordial phone call to his stepfather when he suddenly swore about his mother and made the vile comments.

The next day, Jones called his mother directly and left a worrying voicemail which left her so worried she informed the police.

Officers were actually with her and listened in to him threatening her when he called back again.

He later turned up at her Colchester home along with his two dogs and disturbed one of her neighbours who heard Jones shouting.

She heard the 50-year-old bellowing that he wanted to kill his mother and saw him stabbing the door with a knife.

The brave neighbour went outside to try and calm him down, but was concerned about the blade and the fact the dogs kept barking.

Police were called, and shortly after Jones phoned his mother yet again.

This time officers interjected saying they were recording the conversation but he still made the threats. He was later arrested and the knife was discovered in his jeans pocket.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard the relationship between the two had broken down because of a row about a property sale.

Jones, of Claudius Road, Colchester, admitted threatening behaviour and possession of a knife.

He has no recollection of the incidents because he was too drunk, but has since given up booze.

He has also had his dogs taken away from him.

Judge David Turner QC, said: "You went on some sort of vodka-induced bender and - if I can put it colloquially - seemed to lose the plot.

"A specialist has concluded it was a mixture of inebriation and frustration which led you to do what you did.

"The public may be better served by a community penalty which can keep you on the straight and narrow for longer than a short prison sentence would."

Jones was handed an eight month prison term, suspended for 18 months and must attend 40 rehabilitation days.

He is also banned from attending his mother's address in the Newtown area of Colchester for three months which will be monitored by an electronic tag, and banned from contacting her for 18 months save for through a third party in writing.