A PAIR of eco-friendly sisters opened a zero-waste shop as part of their mission to save the world for their children.

Lucie Walker-Hutt, 30, and Charlotte Walker, 32, began to see the world differently after both having children two years ago.

The Maldon sisters opened their SILO store on Monday and hope to change the way shoppers in the town think.

Lucie said: “We’re opening the shop because we want to reduce packaging waste.

“We thought Maldon was an ideal place because people are starting to become aware of saving the planet and a lot of work is being done in schools and about the town to do better for the environment.

“We’ve always been aware of the movement, but since we both had children two years ago, we’ve started to see the world through their eyes.

“We want to help the environment for them, so they can have the same experiences and opportunities we’ve had.

“We’re really looking forward to opening.”

Charlotte said: “We’re not perfect and we have a way to go on our zero-waste journey, but we thought why send lots of plastic to landfill when you don’t need to use it at all?”

The shop will sell loose dried goods, baking ingredients and refillable cleaning products.

Customers will be able to fill up their own containers to reduce packaging.

The shop will also sell eco home and bathroom products such as bamboo toothbrushes, compostable dish brushes and refillable shampoos and conditioners.

The sisters are hoping customers will love having the option to shop the old-fashioned way, where reasonably priced, packaging-free whole foods are the norm.

In addition to the zero-waste store, Charlotte owns Dante’s Brasserie on Maldon High Street with husband Mario Nargi.

Lucie added: “My sister is the brains and business-wise one and I’m the eco-minded one, so together we make a good team.”

Zero-waste shops have seen a growth in popularity across the county as people cut down on plastics, single-use packaging and food waste.

SILO is located on Bright’s Path.