AN elderly woman was rescued from her home after accidentally lighting her bedding.

The incident in Helford Court, Witham happened this morning (September 21) at around 10am.

The lady in her seventies was rescued from her home by two crews from Chelmsford and one from Maldon after she inadvertently ignited her bedding with smoking materials.

Crews reported on arrival that the property, which is two floors and measures approximately five metres by ten metres, was completely smoke logged.

Firefighters managed to rescue the woman from the ground floor and provided oxygen therapy and first aid until the Ambulance Service arrived.

Crews extinguished the fire by 10.57am and used positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the remaining smoke from the property.

Watch Manager Simon Beardsley said: "This incident highlights just how dangerous smoking at home can be. While this lady has very unfortunately suffered burns and smoke inhalation, it could easily have been much more serious.

"If you or someone you live with smoke at home, you should never do so in bed or anywhere close to bedding or clothing materials. It's much easier to accidentally cause a fire than you might think.

"Please use a solid ash tray at all times and, when you're finished, make sure that it is fully extinguished before you dispose of it."