FAITH in the criminal justice system has been shaken in recent years. There is a sense, evidence-based or otherwise, that crime is increasing and criminals are increasingly “getting away with it”.

The blame does not fall on police officers. Home Secretary Priti Patel has admitted as much in a recent speech - the thin blue line is almost invisble due to cuts in the number of bobbies.

The ripple effect of this is that the victims of crime sometimes don’t report incidents to the police because they believe there is simply no point.

Instead, they take to social media to raise awareness and express their ire.

And as useful as this might be in urging the community to be vigilant, it rarely does anything to catch those responsible.

Chief Insp Rob Huddleston, Colchester’s district commander, has now spoken out to urge people to report crimes to the police.

He admits officers will not always be able to attend the incident which is due to staffing levels. However, that crime might be a piece of a jigsaw which could bring the culprit to justice.

Mr Huddlestone is asking for understanding and support from the public. The police are doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Thankfully, we are told thousands of new officers will be recruited but this is not a quick process.

However, we have to start somewhere in fighting back against the criminals.

So please listen to Mr Huddleston and help the police do their job as well as they can.