CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 78 new homes in a village look set to get the go ahead.

Braintree Council’s planning officers have recommended full planning permission to create a new estate at Appletree Farm in Polecat Road, Cressing.

Councillors will debate the proposals by Inland Limited before making a final call during a meeting next week.

The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing buildings at the site before building a range of two, three and four-bedroom houses.

There are also plans in place to create one and two-bedroom flats.

Should the scheme be approved, the developer will be required to provide a £500,000 contribution to education in the village, £29,000 towards Silver End GP surgery and £36,000 towards the provision of a new community building at Jeffreys Road Recreation Ground.

A total of 27 letters objecting to the plans have been submitted to the council, with a further 28 letters of support also sent in.

All statutory consultees have said no concerns have been raised about the scheme, however Cressing Parish Council has objected due to serious concerns about a lack of nearby services and fears the development could interrupt the new A120 route.

The parish council said it was only prepared to support and application for a maximum of 40 homes.

In his report on the application, the council’s planning development manager Christopher Paggi has rejected concerns about a lack of services in the area and instead believes the benefits of the scheme far outweigh any negative impact.

His report adds: “All details have been put forward for agreement up front which will lead to an earlier delivery of the site.

“There would also be jobs provided during the construction stage and once occupied, future occupiers would contribute to the vitality of both Cressing and Tye Green. The development of the site would also secure financial contributions to assist in mitigating the impact upon services and open space within the are.”

The planning meeting takes place at Causeway House, Bocking End, on Tuesday at 7.15pm.