A NEW wedding shop which opened in a village just 10 weeks ago is attracting customers from as far away as London.

J’Adore Bridal Boutique in Market End, Coggeshall, is proving to be a big hit with customers and council bosses say it is already helping to boost tourism in the district.

The shop specialises in wedding dresses and offers each client a two-hour session to help them choose their perfect wedding dress.

Co-owner Linda Thomson believes the businesses success has been aided by Coggeshall's history and character.

She said: "Coggeshall is the perfect location for us. It offers a wonderful setting for brides choosing their ideal dress but it is also home to lovely venues, eateries, and a vineyard. The ladies can enjoy lunch in the village and make a special day of it. They might also like to consider holding their wedding in the area too! Coggeshall and the surrounding areas have so much to offer."

The firm is now hoping to share its success with other businesses in the village by promoting all they have to offer.

After visiting the shop himself, Braintree Council's deputy leader and economic development boss Tom Cunningham described J'Adore Bridal Boutique as a "thriving" business.

He added: " It was very exciting to hear their plans for the future and how it is working with neighbouring businesses to strengthen the customer experience while also boosting tourism.

"More than 900 new businesses set up in our district last year, bringing with them jobs and boosting the local economy.

"We would love to welcome many more businesses to our towns and villages.”