I READ with increasing astonishment the story about the rapid transport system for the garden towns, until I realised it was all meant for a good laugh (isn’t it?).

A week or two ago it seemed some were still suggesting High Street could be pedestrianised.

Now it is suggested buses could shoot through at about 60mph - in both directions.

I thought a main aim was to attract visitors here, but clearly I was mistaken.

If we ever do have two garden towns, one either side of the town, the first resolution of anyone travelling from one to the other would be “avoid Colchester altogether”.

I was relieved to read the Letters page and find that most contributors still have their feet on the ground and have sensible suggestions to make. I do hope letters writers Bill Jollife and Dave Lester get together sometime; both have the good of the country at heart.

Like the vast majority, I hope Brexit is settled soon.

My chief concern for us all is that once it is resolved, both sides can accept the outcome and get back to living peaceably together.

Douglas Broom

Mill Road, Colchester