Colchester Zoo says it won't be long until we know the sex of the three tiger cubs born last month. 

The three cubs were born to mum Taiga and dad Igor last month.

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The Zoo has been providing regular updates online showing their progress thanks to a hidden tiger cam. 

And now keepers think one of the cubs could be a male. 

In a post on Facebook they said: "It won’t be long before we find out the sex of our three cubs but keepers do have their suspicions that one could be a male and if so he is proving to be quite a mummy’s boy as he particularly enjoys playing and cuddling up with Taiga."

It takes two weeks for the cubs’ eyes to open and at around four weeks they will be up and about in their home. 

At six weeks they’ll be sexed and named. 

However the public will have to wait to see them as they will not be out and about in their enclosure for some time.

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