With 300 languages spoken in London, rarely do we read the words,' Hold my hands up, I made a mistake.'

All credit to Counsellor David Smith (letters July 5) for changing his view on the proposed chalet development on Low Road.

Yobs on the rampage in Tendring echoes the pain of an achingly bad toothache.

Personally I cannot psychologically process that smash graveyard yobs are not born yobs and have always been the product of a failing society.

The human ape, as the zoologist Desmond Morris described us, can do wonderful things, as shown by compassionate community worker Les Nicholl, and his fellow volunteers, helping those in need.

I guess destructive elements are the price we pay when need is neglected to the point that councils are now fearful meeting their obligations to the community.

Finally, I heard the so-called Poundland Trump and the Tories Brexit donkey talking on radio Five about Johnson's planned book on Shakespeare.

Boris being something of a conflicted cultural character will at least bring something darkly funny to the vanilla voices of mediocrity challenging the air-waves today.

I hope his focus is on education, because a lack of it is a chief fueller of society's problems. Without community we have no country.

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt