ANGRY residents have had their road closed for more than three months waiting for an eyesore building to be knocked down.

A road closure was agreed for Market Street in Harwich to make way for the work to bulldoze number 20, which has been empty since a huge fire in April 2012.

But while the closure was meant to last for 36 days from March 28, it is still closed.

Abigail Goodwin, of Market Street, said: “This property was gutted by fire in 2012.

“In April we had a letter from Rose Builders saying that our road would be closed while the building be demolished, the road close would last until the end of May.

“Work ceased at Easter, we emailed Rose’s asking why work had stopped and got a reply saying they were awaiting the services being turned off and once this happened work would restart.

“It still hasn’t, the road is still closed which is an inconvenience to everyone who lives in the road, and we are stuck with a scene from the blitz opposite, which I am sure does nothing for tourism.”

Frustrated residents called for the site to be tidied up after it was left derelict following the fire and even held birthday parties outside with cake to mark the first two years after the fire with no action.

Harwich councillor Ivan Henderson said: “It’s got to be frustrating for people, I can understand how annoyed they are.

“They found a gas pipe that was still active.

“Cadent wanted to survey it before they could book someone in to cap it.

“Hopefully we are in the final stages and the whole building will be levelled to the ground.

“I would plead with the owner that once demolition is finished they put suitable hoarding that’s not unsightly to the street scene.

“We could possibly put vinyls on there.

“Though, the idea situation would be that a level surface is put on there and there could be flower pots and a bench.

“When you walk through there you are walking towards Captain Christopher Jones’ house so it’s an important part of that trail.

“There will be a lot of footfall for the 400th anniversary in 2020 so it needs to be presentable.”

A spokesman for Rose Builders, who are carrying out the demolition, said the gas work had been completed and demolition was set to restart next week.