AN overexcited reveller knocked himself unconscious during a dance-off inside a popular Colchester bar.

Kevin Coyle was strutting his stuff in After Office Hours, in High Street, Colchester, on Saturday evening when he attempted the somersault.

But midway through the acrobatic flip, Mr Coyle kicked himself in the face.

The incident was caught on video, where baffled drinkers can be seen looking on in confusion at the 35-year-old lying motionless on the floor.

Mr Coyle’s mates quickly put him in the recovery position and paramedics were called to assess the seriousness of his injuries.

Despite the gaffe, Mr Coyle was quickly back to his feet and back on the dance floor to continue his night out in celebration of Liverpool’s Champions League win over Tottenham.

The embarrassing footage was filmed by Hayley Curtis, 28, who was meeting Mr Coyle, her brother-in-law’s best friend, for the first time.

Here is the video footage from the bar: 

Mrs Curtis said: “He got over excited and said everyone should stand in a circle.

“Then he did the somersault and banged his head.

“We got him outside where a team of paramedics checked him over.

“But he was fine and he got back on the dance floor clutching a bottle of water after about an hour where he calmed himself down.

“He was just so happy that his football team beat Tottenham earlier in the day.”

Mr Coyle, who owns his own business, performed the stunt whilst out with a group of 11 pals, who he was obviously looking to impress.

Luckily two of his friends, one of whom was a policeman, thought on their feet and remembered their first aid training putting him straight in the recovery position and calling 999.

Colchester’s SOS Bus was parked only metres away, and so medical experts were able to quickly check Mr Coyle, who is from Kent, over and give him the all-clear to continue his revellery.

Mrs Curtis said: “He was not a dancer at all - you have dad dancers, but Kev is a granddad dancer. He did the back flip of his own accord. No one had encouraged him.”