Is there anything lovelier than the British countryside in spring?

Road verges are looking their best, vibrant and green with beautiful cow parsley, red campion and other wild flowers.

Verges are not only a vital refuge for wildflowers but also for bees, butterflies, birds and the endangered hedgehog

Even so, every year at this critical time Essex County Council cuts them all down, throwing up rubbish (which the local council doesn’t have the resource to clear) and leaving a look of devastation.

Why doesn’t Essex County Council do what other councils are doing and adopt the guidelines set out by the charity Plantlife?

These guidelines recognise that pedestrian safety is a priority and that sightlines around junctions must be cut regularly, but recommend that otherwise verges are cut less often and later in the year, thus saving council taxpayers’ money.

Please leave the verges until the end of spring or early summer and make Essex a better place.

Helen Bloxsome

Fennes Road, Bocking