TWO friends are gearing up to join hundreds of fellow cyclists for a 62-mile bike ride around the streets of London.

Caroline Walker, 43, and Tracey Macdonald, 47, both of Witham, will saddle up in the capital later this month when they take part in Ride the Night.

The event takes place under cover of darkness and is held annually to raise money for charities which help women battling breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.

Travel agent Caroline said: “I have a friend who is going through a cancer battle at the moment – my best mate is recovering and my aunt is too.

“It’s something which affects all of us even if, like me, you’re lucky enough not to have to deal with it directly.

“Anything we can do to raise a bit of money to help will be worth it.”

The women have been friends for about three years and set themselves an initial fundraising target of £250 each.

So far they have raised £555 between them.

Caroline decided to get involved after another of Tracey’s friends was forced to drop out.

Catering manager Tracey, who will turn 48 during the ride, said: “I’m feeling a bit nervous about it at the moment to be honest, I’m quite scared because it is quite a long way to cycle.

“My sister had cervical cancer in her thirties and luckily she recovered, but that was largely thanks to the care she received.

“I’ve also got two friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer so if I can do anything to raise money for the charities and research then it will be worth it.”

The duo are being supported by Witham car and bike parts specialist GKS which is providing lights and other equipment for their late- night ride.

Ride the Night starts and finishes at the Royal Windsor Racecourse and sees the riders pass iconic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

It takes place on Saturday, May 25.

To sponsor the duo, visit or