A GRATEFUL care home resident had her wish granted by ballroom dancers who came to perform for her.

Joan Allen is a resident at Milton Lodge care home in Colchester. The home supports the Wishing Washing Line initiative, started by the Friends and Neighbours network.

Joan, 90, has always wanted to watch dancers performing the waltz.

Her wish was granted by Emma and Chris Burrell, of Starlight Dancing, who came into the home to perform for her and other residents.

Clare Martin, who helped organise the surprise along with manager Trudi Snee, said: “She loves dancing but she always says she has two left feet.

“She watches Strictly Come Dancing and she’s always wanted to see the waltz.

“Chris and Emma have toured with the Strictly dancers.”

Clare added: “Joan was tearful at the end, other residents came to watch as well. Joan gave them some flowers and chocolates at the end.

“It’s all thanks to the washing line initiative, I support it 100 per cent and I think all care homes should.”

The Wishing Washing Line initiative invites care home residents to hang their wishes on a community ‘washing line’.

Any member of the public who thinks they could grant the wish then contacts the resident to set up the surprise.

The evening was filmed by Jade Xu, a Chinese film maker who wants to spread the message about the Wishing Washing Line initiative in other countries.

Tony Lee, who started the initiative in Colchester two years ago, said: “Jade has been documenting the wishes with a view to set up the initiative in Beijing in June. We are flying out there to set it up.

“Since it was created about 1,600 wishes have been made. It is making a huge difference to people in care who wouldn’t normally have access to the community in that way.”

To find out more visit www.fansnetwork.org/wishing-washing-line.