A FORMER Tendring councillor and charity boss has been named as one of the new Brexit Party’s candidates in the upcoming European elections.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has launched the Brexit Party to fight the EU elections on May 23 following delays to Brexit.

The party unveiled five additional candidates today, including former Bradfield, Wix and Wrabness district councillor Matthew Patten, from Manningtree.

Mr Patten, former chief executive of cricket and disability sports charity The Lord’s Taverners, was introduced at a press conference in London as one of those standing for the party.

The former Conservative councillor said: “This is a really long way away from my day job, which is working in the charity sector in some of our most challenged communities working with children and families who need a lot of support.

“I’m really proud to be standing for the Brexit Party.

“Trust is absolutely implicit to what we do with young people and their families every day – and trust is absolutely implicit in terms of what’s happening with this incredible situation that we find ourselves in with Brexit.

“Trust is what has been broken, in my mind, with what’s happening in Westminster.

“I’m all about putting trust back into politics and closing the gap between the Government and people.

“We need to have confidence in the people of this amazing country.”

Mr Farage said the range of people standing for the party is broad and diverse.

He added: “We have a very high calibre list of very competent people, many of whom have achieved much in their own lives.”

Mr Patten added: “This is not the political class or professional politics – it’s not all about Nigel because Brexit is not all about Nigel.

“It’s about real people who really care, who really feel betrayed and want to be trusted.”

Speaking to the Gazette, he added: “There is a widening gap between Westminster and what people think on the streets of Tendring.

“It made me want to step up and say that ‘this is not good enough’.”

Mr Patten added that he would not have joined Ukip, but that he was “inspired” by the diverse range of background of candidates standing for the new Brexit Party.

Mr Farage is due to hold a rally outside Clacton Pier on Wednesday after claiming the Government is “betraying” Brexit by delaying the UK’s exit from the European Union.