A TAXI driver could lose his licence or face a criminal conviction for having a poo break outside of a social club.

CCTV caught the Colchester cabbie reverse towards the back entrance of Greenstead Social Club, pull down his trousers and defecate on the floor.

The man now faces action from Colchester Council’s licensing team and potentially the police.

Licensing boss councillor Mike Lilley, who learnt of the video last week, said it is “horrible just thinking about it”.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

Mike Lilley pictured left

He said: “It’s pretty disgusting to watch someone do that.

“The fact he’s also a licensed taxi driver, who’s working on behalf of Colchester Council for the public, this isn’t the sort of behaviour we’d expect, or expect from members of the public either.

“Licensing officers are aware of who he is and he’ll be called in for questioning under caution about his antics.

“Bearing in mind people are fined for urinating in the street, and this is much worse, licensing will take a tough stance on it and it might be a criminal offence.”

It was Ray Martin, manager of the social club, who had to clean up the driver’s mess when he left it last month.

The video has been shared online and Colchester Council identified the driver by his car license plate.

Mr Lilley said: “The consequences all depend on his past history.

“Fines work on a points system so if he’s already acquired some points on his licence and is given more, then he could have his licence suspended or taken away, so we will have to wait and see.

“It would also be nice for the driver to pop into the social club and apologise to the person who had to clean up his mess after him."

Cameras caught the man at about 7.20am but he did not appear to be a man in a rush, club manager Ray said, who has been criticised by some people for sharing the video online.

He said: “We thought it was dog mess until we looked at CCTV so it was quite a shock to us.

“I’ve not read any of the comments on Facebook but as for people giving me stick - am I worried? No.

“My argument is, there’s a Tesco just down the road.

“If he had got caught short doing a number one, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but it was right by the gateway.”

After trying to track down the taxi driver himself, Ray reported the incident to the council just days after, he explained.

He would like an apology but realises this might be difficult now the video has gone public.

“What’s done is done. I’ve left it to the council to deal with,” Ray added.