A PASSIONATE computer gamer is hoping to get ‘‘kids out of their dingy rooms’’ when he launches his brand-new gaming club in Maldon.

Jay Gaffney, 39, of Fitch’s Crescent, is the co-owner of Aztec Games and Technology and is kick-starting a bi-weekly get-together called the Power of Gaming.

The aim is to coax like-minded enthusiasts into enjoying their favourite pastime in a more social and communal environment, while also providing a safe space for the younger generation to join up and make friends.

Jay, a former chef who grew up playing the Atari and Commodore 64, said: ‘‘We believe this will help massively in teaching social standards and removing anti-social behaviour in our community and we even have access to games that can help with learning difficulties and sporting activities that will help the young minds of today shape their futures.’’

A whole host of different consoles and games are set to be provided for the Power of Gaming club, in a bid to accommodate the varied tastes of the wider gaming community and offer education.

Those looking to get their fix of nostalgia will be able to while away the hours playing Pacman or Mario Bros on retro consoles such as the first Nintendo or Sega Megadrive, while gamers who prefer to escape the real world via the more modern forms of technology can level up on the latest PlayStations and Xboxes.

Traditionalists with a love for board and card games are also encouraged to attend the club, as well as children wanting to learn in a more interactive way.

The gaming connoisseur, who has run Aztec Games since 2015 alongside brother Simon and friend Shaun Manchester, is now appealing for residents to donate any electrical equipment they can spare, from TVs to gaming systems, to help kit out the club and make it as immersive and enjoyable as possible.

He said: ‘‘Thanks to everyone who has donated equipment already, but we still have got lots to get.

“If anyone has any TVs, consoles and games they can give to the club it will all be most appreciated.’’

An official start date for club, which is also said to have the backing of major of Maldon Jeanette Stilts and councillor Flo Shaughnessy, is yet to be set, but a taster event will be held at the Museum of Power on Sunday, April 21, with regular gatherings expected to eventually take place at Maldon Town Hall.

Anyone who wishes to help the Power of Gaming club in any way is encouraged to either visit Aztec Games and Technology or email maldonthepowerofgaming@gmail.com.

Entrance into the Museum of Power costs £7 for adults and £6 for senior citizens and students.

Children aged between five and 15 can enter for £3 and children under four get in for free.