A DESPERATE father who cares for his partner with kidney failure is appealing for a more spacious home after four years of asking for help.

Daniel Blake, 40, and Sally Smith, 36, live in a small one-bedroom flat with their three-year-old son Jensen.

Ever since Jensen was born, Mr Blake has asked Tendring Council for help in finding a more suitable home, citing issues with anti-social behaviour around the flat, in Fairclough Avenue, Clacton.

Mrs Smith is about to undergo dialysis treatment to combat kidney failure and requires careful attention due to her Type 1 diabetes, high cholesterol and underactive thyroid.

Mr Blake spends his days taking care of his partner and son, but suffers from mobility issues.

He said: “I find it very difficult to carry our son, buggy and shopping up the stairs.

“I have serious chronic asthma and problems walking due to the metalwork in my leg from a prior motorbike accident.

“It has been accepted on several occasions that the home we are in is not suitable, but we are passed around and sometimes ignored.

“Jensen lives in our living room.

“It has taken four years of what feels like banging our head against a wall to say enough is enough.

“Soon my wife will be on dialysis and will need to go to hospital three times a week, four hours a day.

“It’s turning into a nightmare now.”

Mr Blake still hopes a ground-floor home with more than one bedroom can be found before matters get more desperate for the family.

He said: “This has been dragging on for years and I am really upset and angry. My little one has walking problems, he’s just started to toddle about due to fallen arches and problems with his feet.

“He is getting physiotherapy and has special insoles to help him walk.

“We have to do certain exercises with him, but due to the lack of space in our flat we need to take him to our parents to do them.

“They have been so helpful, but we cannot keep relying on them day-to-day.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said the authority does not comment on individual cases, but confirmed the family is on the housing register.

He said: “A shortage of available, suitable homes means there is no quick fix to this family’s issues.

“The council will continue to support them and carry out its strategic work looking at boosting the supply of affordable housing for people in Tendring.”