CALLS have been made for a crackdown on drug dealing after a man was found dead.

A 40-year-old man was taken to hospital at 10pm on Sunday after being attacked in George Street, Colchester, and suffered stab wounds to his back.

And on Monday morning Carl Hopkins, 49, was found dead in nearby Ryegate Road.

Police believe the two are linked and drug related and have remained in the town centre today.

They are treating Mr Hopkins' death as a murder investigation.

Det Supt Stephen Jennings, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said his team would work around the clock to try and find the attackers and believes both were targeted and isolated.

Mike Lilley, Colchester Council’s public safety boss, said he wanted streetlights turned on throughout the night in the Dutch Quarter amid the violence.

They had been kept on over the Christmas period which had resulted in less offences being committed.

“What has happened is really shocking – things have been quite quiet and we are pleased with the work we have been progressing in the Dutch Quarter,” he said.

“If it does turn out to be drug related we need some serious action to be taken against the people selling them in our town.

"Low level dealing must be taken care of before it gets worse and turns into something more.

“But what it comes down to is we haven’t got enough police officers.

“Those that are here and are working in Colchester are doing a fantastic job.

“Clearly when you have a murder investigation when somebody is found stabbed right next to Castle Park then something is seriously wrong.”

Last year, Colchester Council spent £300,000 to help fund a new policing team dedicated to the town centre – named Team10.

Mr Lilley said: “The work Team10 are doing is fantastic – but they are not Superman.

“They cannot be there 24/7.

“To cover all the time you need two or three Team10s but there aren’t the resources for that.

“It would cost millions to get where we need to be and the Government – whichever Government it is in the future – need to prioritise the police force.”