DESPERATE town councillors will fork out cash for a PCSO in the wake of a "policing crisis" in Harwich.

Harwich Town councillors unanimously approved a proposal to help fund a PCSO for the town in an emergency meeting on Wednesday.

Ivan Henderson, Harwich councillor, called for the meeting to consider joint funding one PCSO for for years with Tendring Council.

after Tendring's Chief Inspector Paul Wells

Ivan Henderson, Harwich councillor, called for the meeting to consider the provision of a PCSO to be jointly funded for two years by the council and Tendring Council.

He said Tendring's Chief Inspector Paul Wells could fund one PCSO

Mr Henderson told the meeting he had been asked by Tendring’s Chief Inspector Paul Wells about the possibility of having two PCSOs to cover the area.

To consider a request from Chief Inspector Paul Wells for the provision of a

Harwich-based PCSO to be jointly funded for a period of two years by Harwich

Town Council and Tendring District Council

19,263 per council so it is clearly laid of the costs for the council.

It will cost 3.6p per week for a band D household.

to be jointly funded by Harwich town council and Tendring council for a period of two years.

Ivan Henderson, Harwich councillor, said: "In moving this proposal today I think we all need to recognise that our policing levels are at I believe crisis levels which have resulted in serious increases of crime, which in turn results in a serious increase in the public's fear of crime.

I want to make it absolutely clear on moving this proposal I am not doing it to support the Government or the police and fire commissioner.

As far as i am concerned they have both let the residents of Harwich and Dovercourt down and also the loyal servicing police officers - on occasion putting their safety I believe at risk.

I believe that is unforgivable.

The residents and the police need this council's support and that is why I am bringing this proposal.

I was contacted by the District commander along with Tendring Council as the leader is aware of this agreeing to sign up for this proposal if we get agreement today.

Mr Wells came to me and said there is an opportunity to put a PCSO into Harwich but he could not do that for various safety reasons unless there was two. He has the funding for one but needs the funding for a second one to make sure we have two permanently based PCSOs in Harwich.

Tending Council has considered it and we are considering funding a second one which means Harwich residents will get the benefit of having two in Harwich.

Things have to move quickly as Mr Wells said there is no other recruitment process planned so this is a limited window of opportunity for us all.

If the council did give its full backing it would probably be dated from April.

Act for a training session now and in line for TDC to sign the agreement and the contract with us.