A FILMMAKER from Mayland is appealing for extras to star in his new Second World War film.

Tattoo artist and filmmaker Terry Coker, 47, is due to begin shooting his as-yet untitled film which will be set in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau, and will be from the perspective of an SS guard.

Mr Coker, who has previously shot films in the Maldon district including Essex Vendetta, Hooligan Legacy and Hatton Garden: The Heist, was inspired to tell the story after reading reports of radicalization of German youths from the Hitler Youth group.

He said: “I was approached by a film distribution company that requested a film covering Auschwitz Birkenau, through the eyes of a guard was the brief.

“I drafted a script of fiction based on fact and probability. Being of such a sensitive subject has proved very difficult to achieve a piece of work that not only covers the subject but to tap into the mentality of an SS guard.

“Through the script I have covered the Hitler youth while following a young boy to manhood and then onto Auschwitz, meanwhile covering the story of a young couple of the Jewish ghettos also journeying to Auschwitz. Their lives cross paths and the story unfolds.”

As part of his research, Mr Coker met with Auschwitz survivor Leslie Kleinman and his wife Miriam, both based in Essex.

He is set to begin shooting the film on May 25, and is appealing for extras to feature in a scene to be shot on May 29 and 30, depicting a train disembarking in Auschwitz of all ages, shapes and sizes and an interior scene, which will involve people acting as Nazi staff, prisoners and workers of Auschwitz.

He added: “I’ve had an amazing amount of support from Burnham business Barbican Construction Ltd who have allowed me to take over their premises and build Auschwitz at no cost - an amazing amount of generosity and I thank them very much, without them this wouldn’t be possible on a tiny amount of budget that the distribution company have allowed for such a big subject.

“Independent film comes in many forms but when you write, produce, direct, make the costumes and build the set on my own. That’s the true meaning of independent film making.”

To be involved in the film, email courtney@cobrafilms.co.uk.