A COUNCILLOR has finally admitted his suspension from the Conservative Party, two months after denying assault allegations.

Stephen Canning, who represents Bocking Blackwater on Braintree Council and Bocking on Essex County Council, previously denied suspension claims when the Times asked him in February.

Mr Canning, who serves as the vice chairman of the place scrutiny committee, is accused of assaulting an MP’s aide at Maggie’s, a Margaret Thatcher-themed bar in London.

He is now listed as an independent councillor by both councils and has confirmed he is being investigated by the Conservative Party.

Mr Canning said: “I have been suspended pending an investigation, while an investigation is ongoing I will be sitting as an independent councillor.

“There was no assault, there was not even an altercation and I am confident it will all be dealt with soon.

“I think the investigation is a slow process, everything has to ensure the correct procedures are followed and they need everything correct and right.”

Mr Canning became one of the country’s youngest councillors when he was elected to Braintree Council at just 18.

In 2015 he also caused controversy after being suspended as Conservative Future’s deputy chairman, along with the national executive committee, after allegations were made about a fellow activist.

The Conservative youth movement was later disbanded.

Mr Canning added: “Records have been updated to show that ahead of the council AGM meeting.

“The point being I still need to be able to attend council meetings and it’s important I am representing my ward.

“I am still a Conservative and member of Braintree Council and Essex County Council.”

In February Mr Canning also denied any involvement in a fight, which allegedly broke out during a meeting of young Conservatives in London.

Update April 24:

A Conservative spokesman said: “Stephen Canning has been suspended from the Conservative Party. An investigation is ongoing.”