A blockbuster showcasing the craftsmanship of a Maldon boat builder is set to sail on to the big screen.

The Mercy starring Colin Firth was filmed in and around the town back in 2015.

The film is based on the story of Donald Crowhurst who attempted to make a 1968 solo trip to circumnavigate the globe as part of the Sunday Times Golden Globe race.

It is set to be released across the UK on Friday.

Maldon boat builder Jim Dines’s firm Heritage Marine at Downs Road Boatyard, recreated Crow- hurst’s trimaran boat for the movie.

After accessing the original drawings from a museum in the United States Mr Dines drew up plans for the boat and spent 12 weeks creating the vessel.

He said: “We took it apart, moved it outside the shed and put it back together again so the filmmakers could see it all finished off with the mast and the sails on.

“We then we took it apart, loaded it onto a lorry and took it down to Portland in Dorset and rebuilt it again, launched it and towed it about 90 miles across Lyme Bay to film in Teignmouth.

“Then we towed it back to Portland, filmed in Portland, took it apart and put it on two low-loaders and shipped it down to Genoa in Italy, then it went on a three-day ferry ride from Genoa to Malta.”

After filming in Malta the boat was taken apart again and put in storage and later used to film storm scenes in a tank.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

  • Colin Firth filming in Maldon back in 2015. Picture: FAMEFLYNET

When the original boat was built Cox’s Marine Ltd in Brightlingsea built the three hulls of Crowhurst’s trimaran.

In 2015 both Firth and co-star Rachel Weisz filmed on the River Blackwater, in Downs Road Boatyard, Promenade Park and at the Old Ironworks buildings at Fullbridge.

The film is based on Crowhurst’s memorable attempt at the Globe Race.

An amateur sailor, he built a trimaran boat, but failed to include several safety features and this, coupled with his lack of experience, saw him run into trouble as soon as he set off from Devon.

He later falsified his logs and lied about his location so he could avoid large chunks of the perilous route.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

  • Rachel Weisz filming in Maldon in 2015. Picture: FAMEFLYNET

Mr Dines said he hoped the film promoted both Maldon and the sto- ry of Crowhurst.

He said: “I hope the film portrays a man who tried to achieve something and do the right thing. I don’t think he went out foolhardy, he was just put up against it on time.

“Back in those days, people went off and did these things. It was a sort of boys’ own adventure thing.”