AN MP has written to the Prime Minister in a bid to have the Bayeux Tapestry displayed at Colchester Castle.

The historic piece of artwork, which shows the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, is set to come to the UK in 2020 when it leaves French shores for the first time.

The loan was due to be confirmed in a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron and the news has prompted several MPs to stake their town’s claims for hosting it.

In a letter which Colchester MP Will Quince sent to Theresa May he outlined why he believed it should be brought to Colchester.

Mr Quince explained that Colchester Castle would be the perfect place to host the tapestry.

He said: “We have a good claim as we are home to the largest Norman keep in Europe.

“Practicalities wise, we happen to have just round the corner a state of the art facility - Firstsite - that could host an accompanying exhibition.

“The impact for Colchester and the whole region would be huge.

“It would attract tourists from across the world who would also get to experience our town’s unique heritage.

However, the MPs for the towns including Battle and Hastings in Sussex have taken to Twitter to argue their case for hosting the tapestry.