A new video takes people behind the scenes as work continues to decommission Bradwell power station.

Site operator Magnox is now preparing the site for the 80 year care and maintenance process.

The power station stopped generating electricity in March 2002, after running for 40 years.

Magnox originally said the plant would be completely decommissioned by 2015, but this was then re-evaluated to 2019 before being lowered to the end of 2018.

The time-lapse video show engineers taking apart equipment in one of the buildings which dealt with intermediate level waste.

The waste typically consists of sludge, sand, gravel and metal.

The conditioning facility, which had run for more than four years, has now been deconstructed ahead of the care and maintenance process.

It acted as a mobile vacuum drying facility in which liquid waste was solidified through elimination of its water content.

More than 80,000 litres of waste was treated during the operation and is now being stored in the site’s interim storage facility, reducing the risk and helping to make the site safer.

The deconstructing of the equipment was captured through the video, giving an insight into the progress being made on cleaning up the site.

Carl Harden, intermediate level waste project manager at Bradwell, said: “Following completion of operations, the facility was deplanted in order for it to be returned to its supplier for potential re-use.

“Using the same team to deplant the facility as installed it, the work was accelerated and completed three months ahead of schedule, whilst also meeting all the specifications required for its return to the supplier.”