A TALENTED teenager has launched a free app to help revolutionise revision for school pupils.

Technical whiz Eric Decanini, 17, and friends from Plume Academy spent more than a year designing the smart phone app from scratch.

Called Class-ify the digital school planner aims to help students manage their homework.

Its main features include seeing schedules and tasks, notifications to keep you reminded, and a peer system which lets students collaborate.

Earlier this year Eric and Reiss Tozer picked up a gold award in the mobile app category at the Essex Digital Media Awards for the project.

Eric, who is now studying electronics at Colchester Sixth Form, said: “Class-ify is a digital school planner that emphasises on keeping things simple and quick.

"Its main screen shows you your schedule and tasks in an interface that’s easier to look through than most planners.

“Fun icons and theming make the app beautiful and can be personalised, and quick add features make listing down tasks quick and seamless.

“Push notifications [automatic alerts] make sure you never forget important tasks too.

“But what makes it truly unique is the peer system, which allows students to collaborate with each other.”

Eric started designing the app after studying android development in Year Ten.

He said: “The idea was developed among friends and family for almost a year before I started developing the app.

“When I did, friends and family also helped with things I wasn’t easily able to do such as designing the interface and icons of the app as well as testing it.

“It took almost a year of work alongside our GCSEs to release the first official version of the app.”

To download the app visit play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pdt.plume.