AN administrative blunder could prevent a number of residents from voting in tomorrow’s general election.

Some residents say they have never received their postal voting forms.

More than 20 residents posted on our Facebook page to say they have been affected in a matter of a few hours yesterday.

They said they phoned Colchester Council to report the problem and were told many people had been affected.

However, Colchester Council said it has not been made aware of any general issues.

Andrea Tavner, of Old Heath, Colchester, said: “We had the local election postal votes through ages ago and they are normally delivered together.

The general election one never arrived.

“I rang Colchester Council yesterday and they said they had received lots of phone calls about it and would try and post my general election cards so I could go to my polling station.

“But it defeats the purpose of asking for a postal vote.

“We don’t get our post until late afternoon and are out all day, so I doubt we will be able to vote. It’s very disappointing.”

The council says residents who get in touch about the problem will be sent election cards to take to their polling station today.

But some residents said they would not be able to get there, which is why they asked for postal votes in the first place.

Catherine Miller, of Colchester, said: “I’ve not had mine through after registering online about three weeks ago.

“I am disgusted our right to vote might be taken away through no fault of our own.”

Emma Evans, of Old Heath, said: “I’ve not had my general election forms for my postal vote. I called the council and I'm still waiting for a call back. I can vote for a local councillor, but not an MP.”

A Colchester Council spokesman said voters who have misplaced or incorrectly filled in postal votes can be reissued a voting pack up until 5pm on election day, but will have to vote in person.

The spokesman said the council has received a high number of postal votes.

For more informaotion, call the Elections Team on 01206 282271.