A MUNTJAC deer is on the road to recovery after being taken in by a wildlife charity in Thorrington.

Wildlives Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, in Frating Road, took in the animal last month after it suffered a number of injuries, including its jaw being out of alignment.

The deer, named Bez by centre staff, has now been transformed, making an excellent recovery after two visits to a chiropractor.

Lara Townsend, of Wildlives, said: “This was causing him quite a problem, particularly as deer are ruminants, so eat their food twice.

“He was able to take milk, but had to be hand-fed very small pieces of food and was generally very lethargic, depressed and gradually losing weight.

“Bez has been transformed.

His jaw and neck have now been realigned and problems with his cranium, spine and pelvis found and put right.

“He is now outside in the deer pen, with Rudolph as company, and charging around all over the place.

“He will have one final visit to the chiropractor to check that all is as it should be, but his recovery has been excellent.”