STUDENTS have devised a new way to cut food waste at their college and feed the homeless.

At Writtle College, students who live on campus load a canteen food card with £160 per month to cover their food costs but at the end of each month the balance is wiped clean.

But now, after an idea raised by Lauren Titcomb, 24, eight students are using the remaining balance on their cards to buy fresh food from their canteen for charity Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme and have spent £400 so far.

Miss Titcomb said: “As a group we think it’s really important to do our bit for the community and by using our initiative with the resources we have, hopefully we can go some way to improving the lives of others less fortunate than us.

“Of course, we encourage other students to get involved and other charities and shelters to get in contact if they’d like us to support them too.”

Senior Manager of CHESS, Jacqui Parker said; “This is a very caring and generous offer, and as a homeless charity we welcome this initiative by the students with open arms.

“We are delighted that the students are being very proactive in helping their local community and it’s wonderful for them to know their efforts will make a big difference during these increasingly difficult winter months”.

The £400 has been spent on packaged foods from the college canteen like fresh sandwiches, bottled drinks and sweet items.