Ex-star of BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Duncan Bannatyne, has revealed that he almost died while on a recent holiday in Mexico.

The 75-year-old was bit by a dragonfly which led him to suffer a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction.

Bannatyne was on holiday with his wife, Nigora Whitehorn, 44, when the incident took place.

The businessman revealed that his hand swelled up and he was encouraged to visit a doctor over the allergic reaction.

The former Dragon’s Den star shared that he made it to the doctors just in time before ‘dryness’ came up through his oesophagus.

Dragon’s Den star, Duncan Bannatyne shares a near-death experience

Speaking to The Mirror, Bannatyne said: “I almost died in Mexico, just a few weeks ago.”

Adding: “I got this infection in my hand. It was a bite and it’s swelling. There were seven couples and a woman said, “you have to get a doctor.”

The owner of Bannatyne Health Clubs added that his wife phoned the doctor who gave him an injection to his hip.

The ex-Dragon Den star added: “‘I was lying there, he was talking to my wife and I had this dryness come up through my oesophagus. I was so dry and I couldn’t speak. And my heart started – bump, bump bump bump bump, bump, bump.”


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Following the injection by the doctor, Bannatyne shared that he felt better and was also prescribed some pills by a pharmacist.

The businessman appeared on the BBC show for ten years, from 2005 until 2015 when he announced he would be leaving the popular business-centred show.

During his time on the show, Bannatyne invested in 36 businesses including a hat shop, a falconry company and an ice cream venture.