I don’t think I can remember the last time I woke up with buttery soft hair (or if I ever have).

But this conditioner which has a unique twist did just that and gave me a moisture surge I wasn’t expecting.

So now I’d like to introduce you to my latest hair survival find, ideal for those who are craving a nourished scalp and smooth ends (even if they might be split).

I first came across REHAB on Stacey Solomon’s Instagram (which the Loose Women star has now invested in) many months ago, as she seemed to often rave about the brand, particularly their silk heatless curlers.

But last year, I got sucked into her promotion for their dissolvable shampoo sheets which I obviously tried (influencing at its finest) as I had never seen anything like it – and I wasn’t disappointed.

So when I discovered REHAB’s latest launch of conditioner sheets a few weeks ago, of course I had to get my hands on them.

I compared £1, £5 and £24 conditioners – which felt like an at-home salon treatment?

To see how the product compared, I tried it against one of my favourite conditioners (Head and Shoulders Supreme Moisture, £5 at Tesco) and the cheapest one I could find on Amazon (Creightons Argan Silk, £1.09).

I mainly wanted to see if there was a big difference between the cheapest and most expensive, as a box of £24 REBAB sheets costs £24 (excluding delivery), which for some may seem like a lot of money to part with at once just for conditioner.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Stacey Solomon recently became a shared owner of REHABStacey Solomon recently became a shared owner of REHAB (Image: Newsquest)

Similar to the shampoo sheets, the conditioner ones are also dissolvable.

You simply tear the paper-like packet open and drop it into the bottom of your bath or shower to melt away.

Meanwhile, when your hair is washed and still wet, soak the sheet in your hand and rub together to form a lather before applying.

Describing the product, the REHAB website explains: “Our revolutionary, zero waste Conditioner Sheets transform with water to offer hydration and nourishment, helping to revitalise hair for a smoother, softer, shinier finish.

“Formulated with a rich blend of rosemary oil, castor oil and jojoba oil to promote stronger, healthier-looking locks, our conditioner moisturises the hair without weighing it down, while helping to smooth frizz and split ends.

“The vegan and cruelty free formula is lightly fragranced with our signature jasmine scent for that fresh, post-salon feeling.”

Maldon and Burnham Standard: The REHAB conditioner sheets made a big difference to my hair after just one useThe REHAB conditioner sheets made a big difference to my hair after just one use (Image: Newsquest)

Stacey Solomon’s REHAB dissolving conditioner sheets made my hair buttery soft

Straight away, I was pleased the REHAB conditioner had a similar scent to the shampoo sheets, although as I mentioned in a previous review, I would have personally preferred something with a more fruity smell instead of a standard clean aroma.

Aside from this, I liked how once the conditioner sheet lathered up, it left a thick residue in my hands and didn’t disappear into just water.

It foamed up even more when I applied to my hair, providing my whole head with good coverage.

But when I rinsed it out after a few minutes, it felt as though I hadn’t applied any treatment at all.

However, as I dried my hair and went to sleep feeling disappointed, I couldn’t believe the transformation when I woke up.

I pottered to the bathroom as I got ready for work and noticed how fluffy my hair looked in the mirror.

As I brushed my fingers through, I could tell my hair had changed into a silky, buttery texture overnight.

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In comparison, the Creightons conditioner did smell better and made my hair feel smooth but I thought it made my hair quite flat and possibly gave too much hydration, but if that’s what you need and you’re on a budget, it could be the one for you.

When testing the REHAB conditioner against my go-to Head and Shoulders, the latter has the best smell by far and you only need a tiny amount, but it’s never really made my hair feel extra fluffy and silky.

So if you’re looking for a conditioner that could replicate that fresh-salon-hair feel which works out at less than £1 per use over 25 washes, I think you should treat yourself.