Loose Women star Ruth Langsford has revealed the real reason why she was missing from our TV screens this week.

The 63-year-old was absent from her usual spot during ITV’s flagship programme for many days.

Earlier in the week, she posted on Instagram: “Got the Lurgy! So I’ve made myself a hot toddy and I’m going back to bed! Lemon, orange, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, honey and a big splosh of Irish whiskey. Let’s hope this does the trick….if nothing else it should help me sleep!”

However, since then Ruth has given her one million followers updates, including getting out of her “sick bed” to film a tutorial to make some healthy soup, which she described as “a bowl of nourishing goodness.”

Loose Women's Ruth Langsford reveals real reason why she was off-air

But posting on her Instagram stories, she revealed this diagnosis as to why she was off-air.

The mother-of-one uploaded a clip of some medical equipment and Ruth explained: "My 'lurgy' is actually a chest infection! So here I am on antibiotics and a steam vaporiser twice a day!"

The following video showed the TV presenter who is married to fellow This Morning host Eamonn Holmes, “trying everything” to be on the mend.

This included drinking lemon, ginger and manuka leaf herbal tea by Vocalzone and M&S honey with turmeric and ginger.

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Many people sent well wishes to Ruth and and said they looked forward to her TV return, commenting: “Get well soon Ruth. Looking forward to seeing you back on LW and of course, QVC xx”

Another said: “Hope you feel better soon @ruthlangsford It struck me down for over 2 weeks, I felt dreadful xx”

Some offered advice and recommended useful remedies for a cold, such as this person who added: “Old fashioned bone broth soup is the best remedy for a cold or flu. Full of anti inflammatory goodness. Grandma really did know best.”

“I hope you’re better soon. Homemade chicken soup is one of the best things you can have,” suggested this person.