Labour has published education materials to help its members and supporters understand anti-Semitism.

The party has provided members with “basic tools” to identify and call out anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories in a bid to defeat the problem.

The materials, published on the party’s website, include guidance on how to avoid anti-Semitism when criticising the Israeli state, and explanations of terms such as Zionism.

In an email to party members, Mr Corbyn said the Labour movement needs to “educate ourselves and each other to better stand in solidarity with and unite all those facing oppression and discrimination”.

“That’s why we are launching education materials for our members and supporters to help them confront bigotry, wherever it arises.

“Over the coming months, the party will produce educational materials on a number of specific forms of racism and bigotry. Our first materials are on anti-Semitism, recognising that anti-Jewish bigotry has reared its head in our movement.

“Hatred towards Jewish people is rising in many parts of the world. Our party is not immune from that poison – and we must drive it out from our movement.”

He said the party must “face up” to the “unsettling truth” that a “small number of Labour members hold anti-Semitic views and a larger number don’t recognise anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories”.

Anti-semitism in Labour
Labour has been criticised over its handling of claims of anti-Semitism (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

“The evidence is clear enough. The worst cases of anti-Semitism in our party have included Holocaust denial, crude Jewish-banker stereotypes, conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11 or every war on the Rothschild family, and even one member who appeared to believe that Hitler had been misunderstood.

“So please engage with the materials we are producing, which will be placed on a page on our website, along with other resources, so our movement can be the strongest anti-racist force in our country.”

It comes ahead of a challenging week for the leadership in which the shadow cabinet will meet to discuss anti-Semitism before Mr Corbyn faces MPs at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Also on Monday, Labour peers are due to consider a motion of no confidence in Mr Corbyn, with a ballot to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday if it is passed.

A party spokeswoman said: “The Labour Party has developed political education materials to deepen understanding of anti-Semitism, which is rising in our society and around the world.

“Today we are providing members with some basic tools to identify and call out anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories, and more education materials on anti-Semitism and other forms of racism and bigotry will follow.”

Over the weekend Labour’s main Jewish group wrote to every member of the shadow cabinet urging them to show “real resolve” to end what it claims is institutional racism against Jews in the party.

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) said the Opposition were “sorely in need of real leadership on anti-Semitism”, telling the front bench: “This is your chance to lead.”

Labour has been rocked by a Panorama programme which claimed senior figures, including Mr Corbyn’s communications chief Seumas Milne and general secretary Jennie Formby, interfered in anti-Semitism investigations.

The party has denied the claims and written a complaint to the BBC.