The Duke of Sussex showed off his sense of humour as he donned a pair of tight swimming trunks – known to Australians as budgie smugglers – but over his jeans.

The trunks were presented to him when a disabled sports presenter and two members of the Australian Invictus Games team visited him at Admiralty House, the Governor-General’s residence where the royal couple are staying in Sydney.

Footage of the moment was shown on Invictus Games Today, with Harry laughing as he is given the present.

Benjamin Yeomans asks Harry to sign a pair of swimming trunks Benjamin Yeomans asks Harry to sign a pair of swimming trunks (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

He said: “Oh, look at those. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? This type of silky camouflage… only in Australia would you get something like this. It’s so wrong, but it’s wonderful.”

Posing for a photograph, Harry said: “With or without the budgie smugglers? It’s so tempting” before putting them on over his jeans.

Dylan Alcott, who is a triple Paralympic gold medallist in wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball, said: “We gave him a gift. One of the athletes, Matt (Model), gave him a pair of budgie smugglers. And he put them on, over his jeans. It looks awesome.

“He said: ‘Shall I put them on?’ We said: ‘One hundred per cent.’ So he put them on. Good on him.”

Talking about the trunks, he added: “I think it did wonders for him. It looked good. He should make it official! I reckon the duchess will love them. But who knows? Maybe not.”

Earlier in the day, Harry had met Invictus competitors at a cycling event – where another athlete appeared to ask him to sign a pair of swimming trunks.