SAINT FM is back on air!

The Maldon district’s radio station managed to get back on the airwaves on Friday afternoon (January 9) after it was forced off air.

Thieves stole its transmitter and equipment for its use from a site in Mayland.

The station, based at St Peter’s High School in Southminster Road, Burnham, was out of action for more than a week after the theft and could only broadcast online.

To get a new transmitter and install it could cost up to £10,000 - a large bill for a community project to foot.

However Radica, the company which supplied it, has given the station a temporary transmitter and is building a new one in the meantime.

It is hoped insurance will cover the eventual cost. The station has lodged a claim and it is currently waiting to hear the outcome.

Sandra Amey-Martin, station organiser, said everyone is just relieved to be transmitting again.

She said: “I think a lot of people heard what had happened but we hope we haven’t lost too many listeners.

“We had lots of messages of support which was fantastic and thanks to the publicity we were able to pass on some new information to the police.”