CAMPAIGNERS have promised to continue to protect the people and environment until a village site is ruled out for use as a nuclear power site.

The Government has said it is “committed to a programme of new nuclear projects beyond Sizewell C”.

The current government nuclear policy statement identifies Bradwell as a site for nuclear energy until the end of 2025.

Despite the stop to the plans for a Chinese-led nuclear power station in Bradwell, campaigners are continuing to take a stand against the site being considered for nuclear use.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Bradwell campaigners: members of the Bradwell against new nuclear groupBradwell campaigners: members of the Bradwell against new nuclear group (Image: BANNG)

The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group has been campaigning against proposals for the development of nuclear power in Bradwell for 15 years.

The group said they can “claim success” following the demise of the Chinese- designed reactor plans, however they will continue to campaign until the future of the site is confirmed to be nuclear-free.

Group chairman Andy Blowers said: “While we can celebrate, we cannot rest on our laurels as the Government and nuclear industry are gung-ho for expansion and looking at sites for new reactors.

“While Bradwell would be a distant prospect, it cannot be ruled out until it is removed from the list of ‘potentially suitable’ sites for new nuclear power.”

“So, as BANNG celebrates 15 years of successful campaigning, it must also remain vigilant to fulfil its aim to protect the people and environment of the River Blackwater now and in the future from the risks of radioactivity.

“Our message to the Government and the nuclear industry is this: ‘Keep your hands off Bradwell and remove the site from your sights once and for all.’”

Meanwhile, Maldon MP Sir John Whittingdale is set to ask about the future of the site in a statement at a Powering Up Britain meeting today (Thursday).

He said: “I strongly welcome the Government’s commitment to a new generation of nuclear power stations, which are going to play an essential part in delivering both energy security and net zero.”

He will ask: “Can he confirm that, while a new Chinese-designed reactor may no longer be in prospect, Bradwell-on-Sea in my constituency remains a designated site for new nuclear investment?”