A WOMAN who lost her sister to Leukaemia has created a huge elephant sculpture to help other people through the grieving process.

Sue Nicholls, of Broad Street Green Road, Heybridge, lost her sister Keri to the illness in June.

Before her death Keri was cared for by Farleigh Hospice while she was at Broomfield Hospital.

Sue’s daughter Olivia, 14, also received counselling from the hospice’s Yo Yo Project to help her cope with the loss.

To thank the hospice for its support and to help others deal with their loss Sue, 45, has spent four months building the elephant to donate to the hospice.

The elephant will be covered in 2,000 coloured cards, for people to take off and write messages to their loved ones to put back on, to serve as a lasting memory to them.

Sue said: “Losing Keri was devastating for us all, but Olivia and the other children were understandably most affected by it.

“It was a very quick deterioration for Keri, but in the lead up to her death, and in the months following, the people at Farleigh Hospice have been absolutely wonderful.

“There was nothing that was too much for them. So kind, so caring and the team with the Yo Yo Project did wonders with Olivia. I wanted to say thank you in a special way, so I started crafting, and the elephant just developed from there.

“It will be on wheels, kept in the ward at Broomfield, and can be moved around with all of its messages on, written by others.

“The saying is; elephants never forget. This one will be able to hold the memories of people’s loved ones for years.”

She added: “They do phenomenal work, their support is not just for kids, but the whole family.”

To find out more about Farleigh Hospice visit www.farleighhospice.org.