TRIBUTES have been paid to a ‘happy-go-lucky’ Maldon councillor who went out of his way to help people.

Charles Mackenzie, a Conservative district and town councillor, died on September 1 after a battle with a brain tumour.

Mr Mackenzie, 52, had resigned as a town councillor in August but continued his work as a district councillor.

He was serving his second term in office as a district councillor having regained his Maldon West Ward seat in the 2015 election.

Mr Mackenzie campaigned for improvements to the zebra crossing on Fullbridge, and helped launch the new Maldon Town Council website.

He also served as deputy mayor for the town council in 2007.

Miriam Lewis, leader of Maldon District Council, said: “Charles had just embarked on a second time as a district councillor when he became very ill, but his enthusiasm for local government never waned. It was only multiplied by his enthusiasm to help people.

“He was a tall man with a heart as big as his height. We will miss him.”

Town and district councillor Stephen Savage, who worked alongside Mr Mackenzie, said: “I knew Charles Mackenzie for a number of years and he had a business acumen I had respect for. It is with deep regret I heard about his demise and his fight over a number of months.

“He was a well-respected councillor both on the town council and the on the district council. He was a councillor of the like we will probably not see again for many years.

“My last recollection of Charles was he was a very happy-go-lucky man having a drink in his study.

“He was a very sociable man.

“My deepest sympathies go to his wife Elaine and two children.

“He will be sorely missed.”