RUBBISH bags were piling up high in a road that has been neglected from the collection schedule.

Andy Barker and his partner Heidi moved to Coalville Mews in Artillery Street, Colchester, at the end of October.

After getting their heads around the rubbish collection rota they put their black bags and cardboard out with the rest of the street.

However they started to get concerned when the collection was missed and the bags kept piling up- for four weeks.

Mr Barker said: "Our neighbours moved in three weeks previous to us and had made numerous calls to the council to say there had not been any collections.

"Obviously with five households moving in there has been a lot of cardboard boxes from the move and also black sacks.

"We have ended up with a mountain of rubbish, recyclable and non-recyclable, and our bin area is now full of maggot crystallise's.

"Luckily it's not the height of summer or it would have been even worse."

When contacting Colchester Council, he was told the new road had been missed off the collection schedule.

However he found this response strange as the food caddy waste is being collected weekly.

Mr Barker said: "It has made me angry that the council has been quick enough to take my money for council tax and land registry but it's taken over four weeks for a bin collection.

"Wonder why incidents of fly tipping have increased ? Colchester Council is your answer."

A Colchester Council spokesman apologised for the missed collections.

They said: “Sometimes when new properties are occupied, particularly on new developments, it can take a little time to relay that information to Waste Services.

"We would like to offer our assurances, now the properties are occupied, that normal two-weekly waste and recycling collections will be established for all residents in Coalville Mews.

“Our operatives visited the premises earlier on Thursday and have now removed all of the waste.”