A CAMPAIGN group is preparing for the start of a battle against nuclear power in Bradwell.

The Government is preparing to launch its Nuclear Policy Statement in November which is expected to confirm Bradwell as a potential site for nuclear power.

Once the long-awaited statement is published, a lengthy consultation process will be launched giving people of the area a chance to air their views.

And protestors Bradwell Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) has called on the local community to rise up against the Government proposals.

BANNG chairman Prof Andy Blowers said: “This will give the local community an opportunity once and for all to make clear why Bradwell is a totally unsuitable site for a mega power station and highly radioactive waste store.

“There are three major objections to this proposal; The storage of highly radioactive wastes for up to 200 years on a site increasingly liable to flooding and storm surges poses dangers to both present and future generations, the vast amounts of cooling water required by such a large power station will damage the marine environment and imperil important fishing and oyster industries, and three; it will prove impossible to evacuate a large population, especially that of Mersea Island, in the unlikely but not inconceivable event of a major emergency at Bradwell.”