BODYCAM footage has captured the dramatic moment a Tiptree man was arrested for stabbing a stranger in front of schoolchildren.

John Garrett, 55, left a man with life-threatening injuries in Tiptree, attacking the man in the neck multiple times.

In police bodycam footage of Garrett’s arrest, officers can be seen pointing their tasers at Garrett while he stood with his back to them and with his hands in the air.

While police approached to put him in handcuffs, Garrett can be heard saying: "Come on lads, you know I'm a thief".

On July 11, 2023 Garret took two bottles of alcohol from the Shell garage on Maypole Road, threatening the staff before leaving and heading towards a bus stop in the village.

Garrett approached two men and a woman at the bus stop, and was seen arguing with one of the men in the group.

He then stabbed the man in the neck three times and left him in a life-threatening condition with paramedics soon arriving on the scene.

A total of six people witnessed the violent attack, including terrified schoolchildren, with Garrett fleeing the scene and returning to his home.

Shortly after, officers arrested Garrett at his house.

Arrest - John Garrett's arrest in July 2023Arrest - John Garrett's arrest in July 2023 (Image: Essex Police)

Garrett appeared in court on June 6 via video link from HMP Chelmsford after admitting one charge of robbery and one charge of wounding with intent.

He will serve eight-and-a-half years on licence and will be subject to immediate recall to prison if he commits any further offences, Chelmsford Crown Court was told.

Sentence - Sentence - John Garrett will serve eight and a half years on license (Image: Essex Police)

Detective Kayleigh Jackson said: “This horrendous attack took place in the middle of the day”.

“Children leaving the nearby school witnessed this attack and the aftermath as emergency services worked to save a man’s life.

Detective Jackson added: “The sheer number of witnesses that saw this assault with their own eyes left Garrett with no choice other than pleading guilty to GBH with intent”.

“It takes hundreds of officer hours to make sure offenders like Garrett see justice. Results like this are what the victims of these incidents deserve to see, so I hope this sentence brings them some comfort.”