Maldon artist, Lisa Gulleford is showcasing her 'Wonder of Nature' exhibition at the Maeldune Centre.

A special preview was held on April 18, attended by the Mayor of Maldon, Cllr Andrew Lay.

Ms Gulleford, who grew up in nearby Heybridge Basin, used this opportunity to give the Mayor a comprehensive tour of her collection, detailing the inspiration and techniques she employed in creating the masterpieces.

This exhibition shows how Ms Gulleford has been exploring new techniques through working with different materials to bring out the colour of nature.

Ms Gulleford said: "I wanted to emphasise the beautiful colours we see in nature and to create pieces that capture how I see animals.

"Through my artwork, I’ve tried to represent the wonder I feel when I look at these amazing creatures.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: You can see lots of Lisa's work at the exhibition

"For me, they are absolutely captivating and there is a sense of magic to all of them, from the tiny field mouse to the imposing bear."

The wonder of nature showcase continues at the Maeldune Centre, Maldon High Street until May 4.

It opens between 11am and 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

Examples of Lisa's work are available for sale in the new gift shop at the Museum of Power, Langford, featuring work from local artists and suppliers.