The new High Sheriff of Essex has said he is "very honoured" to take on such a historic role without the county.

David Hurst is taking on a role, which spans 982 years, and says he plans to make it relevant and a modern force for good.

Bringing a rich experience in business and the voluntary sector, he will use his year in office to traverse Essex, promoting its positives and addressing its shortcomings.

He also wants to use his new position to support the police, judiciary and emergency services and promote volunteering.

"I am very honoured to become High Sheriff of Essex," said Mr Hurst.

"It is a great opportunity to see things I haven’t come across before in many different communities."

Mr Hurst's community service record includes chairmanships and trusteeships with various charities, while he currently presides over the Southend Round Table 106.

His extensive charitable fundraising efforts led him to chair the Southend Community Fund, overseen by the Essex Community Foundation (ECF).

As High Sheriff, David, who is Essex born and raised, will focus on raising money for the High Sheriff’s Fund.

The fund, also run by ECF, aims to boost crime prevention and community safety across Essex.

Mr Hurst shares ECF's vision of assisting charities and groups whose work propels life improvements for Essex residents.

He set up Rochford Rivercare in 2002 to keep the River Roach rubbish-free, for example.

"Quite a few of us now meet in a local farmyard and set out to collect huge hauls of rubbish," he said.

"It is a challenge, but keeping rivers clean has become something that more and more people are concerned about."

Throughout his term, David, who plans to attend up to 300 events, will be supported by his wife, Jane.

He will also be donning the timeless traditional velvet outfit of the High Sheriffs.

He added: "I have a great deal of empathy for people running charities and understand the challenges they face.

"I hope that encouraging links and contacts between various organisations and signposting people towards the help they need will be part of my role as High Sheriff."

For more information about the High Sheriff visit the Essex Community Foundation website.