A COMMUNITY climate action group has teamed up with Maldon District Council and Community Energy South to host Maldon’s first ever 'Energy Efficiency Clinic'.

Heybridge and Maldon Climate Action Partnership aims to find practical ways to counter the positive impact of climate change in the area.

The free event intends to show interested residents how to invest in their homes to future-proof against power price shocks.

It will also outline how to make homes warmer and where households can find grants, funding and suppliers to help them.  

The event is taking place on April 21 at Maldon Town Hall from 11am to 2pm.

James Taylor, chair of the Dengie Climate Action Partnership, said: “We can all play a role in combatting climate change, reducing our energy use and reliance on fossil fuels and stop wasting money on drafty homes.

“People can learn how to keep their homes warmer for cheaper, and share these skills with friends and neighbours, so we are all better prepared for next winter.”  

Maldon District Council leader Richard Siddall said: “This event will introduce local landlords and homeowners to local installers, so residents can get expert advice from those who deal with these technologies every day. 

“Come and get all your questions answered. 

“The district council is delighted to support this event as part of our strategy to support building local resilient communities.”