IT is a busy afternoon at the popular Mrs Salisbury’s Tea Room when I decide to pop in for a tasty, filling lunch.

Although the longstanding tea room has just celebrated a milestone with its tenth anniversary, it is my very first visit.

Arriving just before 12noon, I make a point to peruse the menu displayed outside first before entering the establishment.

I see and hear several other hungry customers while making my way to an available table, a promising sign for a first-time visitor such as myself.

Due to the time of day, breakfast has passed which means I will be choosing from the tea room’s lunch menu.

Some of their offerings include choices of burgers, omelettes and sandwiches - either toasted or untoasted depending on the preference.

In need of a light pick-me-up, I opt for a home maple roasted ham and cheddar cheese toasted sandwich, a slight variation of a classic lunch.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Selection - Ham and cheese toasted sandwich at Mrs Salisbury's Tea RoomSelection - Ham and cheese toasted sandwich at Mrs Salisbury's Tea Room (Image: Newsquest)

Some of the other toasted sandwiches on the menu vary from a brie, chicken, pesto and sun blushed tomato sandwich, a crunchy tuna melt with cheddar cheese and gherkin, as well as mature cheddar cheese, chili jam and spring onion.

That’s not all, however, as the sandwich is accompanied by a salad, coleslaw and a small selection of crisps.

In need of a drink to go with the meal, I select a latté after browsing the drinks on offer.

Overall, I find the sandwich does exactly what I had hoped - it’s tasty, but light enough that I could still have a more substantial meal later if I wish.

I interact with three members of the serving staff during my visit, finding them all to be professional and helpful with questions about the menu.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Mrs Salisbury’s Tea Room and leave looking forward to returning in the future.