PROPOSALS to change the use of agricultural land to a dog walking field have been submitted to Maldon District Council.

The plans concern land lying south of Marsh Road in Burnham-on-Crouch, comprising a small corner of an existing agricultural field.

If approved, the site would be served by a new vehicular track and small parking area off Marsh Road.

A small post and rail fence would also be built around the proposed perimeter of the site to define and separate the new dog walking area from the surrounding arable fields.

This would ensure dog walkers are not able to walk freely onto the applicant’s adjoining land.

A dog waste bin would also be provided on the site, to be emptied twice a week by the applicants.

According to a cover letter accompanying the application, there will be dog classes operating in the proposed site.

However, the letter adds there will not be any dog agility equipment such as cones or obstacles which would be commonplace for dog classes, nor will there be any permission for walkers to operate activities as part of the permissive access.

No other changes are proposed to the land.

Maldon District Council will have the final say on the plans.