FEELING hungry one afternoon, I decide to pop into Café Brazil in High Street, Maldon.

Having been highly recommended to try the eatery, I am eager to taste their authentic Brazilian cuisine.

As I have eaten and enjoyed Brazilian food in the past, I hope this can meet the same high standard.

Upon my arrival, I am swiftly shown to a table while a friendly staff member explains how their menu works.

Under the “Boteco Bites” section, I am able to order three small dishes as a set, to try a variety of flavours.

Wanting to have a rounded culinary experience, I decide to go with this format.

I opt for Calabrese Acebolada, which is fresh pork sausage pan fried in Brazilian style with onions and cachaca.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Delicious - Calabrese AceboladaDelicious - Calabrese Acebolada (Image: Newsquest)

In addition, I select Calamares, containing spice panko coated squid, mango salsa and aioli as well as Smoky Albondigas, Brazilian-style beef meatballs braised in rich tomato sauce and toasted bread.

After a short waiting time, I am presented with all three dishes at the same time.

Fortunately, each is just the right size and it feels like a big, collective lunch.

Starting off with the meatballs, I find them to be very well-cooked and also enjoy the tomato sauce combination with the toasted bread.

Next is the pork sausage, which I find to be a perfect balance of flavour and taste.

It is most likely my favourite of the three dishes.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Interior - Café BrazilInterior - Café Brazil (Image: Newsquest)

Last but not least, the squid proves to be a wonderful conclusion to the meal, with a slightly different spin on a dish I am fairly familiar with.

Overall, the experience ticks all the boxes of my previous Brazilian food taste tests - filling, tasty and with plenty of flavour.

I leave Café Brazil feeling very satisfied and already looking forward to my next visit.