MP Dame Priti Patel met with Tolleshunt Major Parish Council to discuss concerns over road safety.

In particular, they addressed the removal of Bennett Island at the junction of Tolleshunt D’Arcy Road and Witham Road.

Dame Priti, who is MP for Witham, also discussed other highways safety concerns, maintenance and repairs issues which she has raised with Essex County Council on their behalf.

As well as this, the impact of large vehicles traveling through the village to use the Beckingham Business Park was also touched upon.

Dame Priti said: “The destruction of the Bennett Junction is unacceptable, and it is very poor that the junction has been left to deteriorate in this way with little attention from the transport authorities.  

“I am pressing Essex County Council to provide a timeline for its repair and for works to be carried out to make this junction safer and address the wider road safety issues from heavy goods vehicles passing through this small village. 

“I pay tribute to the parish council for their persistence and thank them for working with me to raise this issue further.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Now Essex Highways is aware of this issue we will be sending a team to clear the mud, assess the damage and erect marker posts to discourage inappropriate turning from vehicles.

“We encourage members of the public to report any issues with the road network through our 'Tell Us' tool at, where all defects reported are assessed by an inspector.

“The best way for residents to raise concerns about local safety issues is to contact their local Essex county councillor. They can then raise the concerns for appropriate action at the Local Highways Panel.

“Residents can suggest changes through the Maldon Local Highways Panel at”

A spokesman from Tolleshunt Major Parish Council said: "The Parish Council has for a protracted period of time engaged with district and local councillors in an effort to get the matter resolved.

"We are fully aware of the constraints upon the council at this time but the potential danger is something that requires us to be vigilant in our efforts to the repairs completed."